We help companies gain traction and succeed through tailored solutions, especially during these challenging times.


    Advisory Services, which include:

    • Define + Design Project Requirements
    • Strategic Planning and Implementation
    • Stakeholder Engagement


    Marketing Services, which include:

    • Strategy + Execution of Demand Engine
    • Customer Acquisition + Retention
    • Branding / Messaging + Content Marketing


    We also partner with other firms to offer tailored services. Thus, you will still be able to hire us for marketing services; you can also hire us to define a go-to-market strategy, improve your customer experience using design-thinking / human-centric design, help you find a new business model, tackle a new market and/or build an innovation road-map. We're based in the heart of San Francisco.



    We've worked with many clients.

    Startups / Small-Medium Business (SMB)

    San Francisco Bay area

    Our clients include Blume, Canary Health, Everwise, Farm Hill, Gladly (Tab for a Cause), Lyra Health, Hired, Kip Health, Kiva, Masterclass, Orbit, Osmo, Outcomes, Shop and Shout, Spire, Treasury Dynamics, Welkin Health, WellSet, WEST, and WeTravel.



    Our clients include Schindler, the Governments of Canada and Japan, Sustainable Development Technology Canada (SDTC), South Pole Group, JETRO, and the University of Ottawa.


  • A Few Testimonials

    From Previous Clients


    Tegan Bukowski, Co-Founder and CEO, WellSet

    Lida is a bright light and extremely hard working digital strategist.


    She was always thinking one step ahead and outside of the digital marketing box while also driving home our core company values.


    César Salazar, Principal, Revolt VC

    Lida is a boundless source of creativity and inspiration.


    Her work ethic, resourcefulness and curiosity made her a real boost to our company, helping us discover and implement a new acquisition funnel in a highly competitive market.


    Analise Roland, Founder, Apiary Alpha

    Lida is great at providing detailed explanations on how and why to set up strategic digital marketing.


    She's an asset to building your foundation and preparing for growth!


    Chris Matthews, President, Treasury Dynamics

    Lida’s leadership and expertise were invaluable during our project.


    She understood our objectives and was able to quickly structure a program to meet our goals. Her communication skills and timely follow-up ensured our success.


    Let's talk 'Pidari' (which means 'resilience' in the Persian language).

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