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    Helping companies gain traction and succeed through tailored solutions.


    Advisory Services, which include:

    • Define + Design Project Requirements
    • Strategic Planning and Implementation
    • Stakeholder Engagement


    Marketing Services, which include:

    • Branding / Messaging + Content Marketing
    • Customer Acquisition + Retention
    • Strategic + Product Design


    We partner with other firms to offer tailored services. We are based in the heart of San Francisco.



    We work with startups and corporates.


    San Francisco Bay area


    Our clients include Arcimoto, Canary Health, Everwise, Farm Hill, Gladly (Tab for a Cause), Lyra Health, Hired.com, Kip Health, Kiva, Masterclass, Osmo, Outcomes.com, Parasail Health, Spire, Welkin Health, and WeTravel.

    Companies / Organizations


    Our clients include Schindler, the Governments of Canada and Japan, Sustainable Development Technology Canada (SDTC), South Pole Group, JETCO, and the University of Ottawa. We also put together 3 weeks of content for the Sales / BD curriculum at Tradecraft.

    From some past employers, clients, and alma mater.

    South Pole Group

    "Lida had to quickly immerse herself with a new field for her at the time, namely carbon reduction projects.
    She demonstrated considerable skills and a capacity to familiarize herself with new concepts.
    She was committed and showed great flexibility (also with regards to working hours) when special efforts were needed.
    We greatly appreciated her help in crucial phases of projects under the Clean Development Mechanism (CDM) of the Kyoto protocol.
    Lida is a gifted colleague, and will be a valuable member of every team.
    For the future, we wish her all the best for her career and personal life."
    Dr. Christoph Sutter, Chairman of the Board
    Startup Canada and National Association of College and University Entrepreneurs (NACUE)

    "From first meeting Lida, I have found her to be a natural leader who develops her talents by engaging herself in a number of activities that build on her already diverse skill set.
    Lida is an extremely dedicated individual who is always seeking out new opportunities to develop her professional, personal, and leadership skills. 
    A hard worker, as is easily demonstrated by her impeccable track record, Lida is an inspiration to those with whom she works.
    She is an example of how one can strike the ideal balance between work, community involvement, and personal projects that allows one to excel at all three."
    Victoria Lennox, CEO and Founder, Startup Canada
    Schindler Group
    "Ms. Tohidi has entrepreneurial and strategic skills which she employed in the interest of the company. Moreover, she had many practically applicable ideas and made a significant contribution to innovations.
    Able to adapt easily to changing situations, she recognized and managed to resolve challenges in her area of responsibility. 
    Able to foster good client relationships, Ms. Tohidi recognized the clients concerns and wishes and was able to respond to them purposefully, thanks to her thoughtful nature.
    As a very articulate employee, she supported and promoted cooperation within the team. Her friendly and pleasant personality was appreciated and recognized by all."
    Jean Goetz, Global Vice-President, Corporate Safety and Sustainability
    Deloitte Canada

    "When working with Lida, I found her to be highly dedicated, intelligent, enthusiastic and sociable.
    Her creative ideas, helpful research and clear insights were a significant contribution towards supporting our clients.
    I would definitely recommend having someone like Lida as an advisor or on your staff panel to set up and run a company, her tireless efforts will help you succeed and get every little bit of advantage that you can with limited resources.
    She has a natural magnetism about her personality humbled by a depth of human understanding and kindness.
    I would recommend Lida unreservedly."
    Homam Alattar, CAIA (Chartered Accountant), Senior Associate
    University of St. Gallen (HSG)

    "In my many years of teaching, I have never met any other who compares to Lida. She is intelligent, inquisitive, and diligent in her work. She also has the other qualities that make her a pleasure to teach and mentor – she is polite, respectful, and her enthusiasm is contagious. She has excellent peer relations and was always in demand as a partner or as a group work participant. Lida is an unparalleled academic with a love for entrepreneurship.
    In life, exceptional ideas and business enterprises that obtain funding and/or recognition includes an extra spark. Lida’s work has that spark. Many of her projects received a perfect mark. Lida’s work is, in a word, exemplary. Lida stands out in her university classes and workplaces due to her excellent academics, strong work ethic, and pleasant demeanour."
    Dr. Mona Dahb, Professor
    Ernst & Young

    "If you're someone who wants to optimize your time but simultaneously get the most insight on a topic Lida is the right person. Lida is sharp and quick to get to the point on a wide range of subjects, she generates multiple options and solutions in a very short period of time to complex issues. Above all, she is extremely resourceful and will find ways to maximize limited resources, this coupled with her energy, drive and a indefatigable approach makes her the ideal person to work for/with an aspiring startup company. 
    We have exchanged ideas in relation to startups, particularly on the topics of business development, strategy and sustainability for 5 years. As a private capital investment specialist, I have sought her thoughts on business plans and investment opportunities from a sustainability and business development perspective several times and have never been disappointed with her insightfulness."
    Krish Vasudevan, Senior Manager
    University of Ottawa

     "A stellar student, Ms. Tohidi graduated from the University of Ottawa, where she always maintained dean’s honour list status. Moreover, she is a life-long member of the prestigious Golden Key International Honour Society. In addition to her academic achievements, Ms. Tohidi has also demonstrated professional excellence.
    She has assumed all her duties with enthusiasm, demonstrating exceptional leadership skills coupled with an unquenchable thirst for knowledge. Ms. Tohidi has not limited her contributions to her local community, but has reached out internationally as well. Her intercultural experiences demonstrate Ms. Tohidi’s capacity to thrive in foreign cultures and to utilize her well-developed skills."

    Dr. Allan Rock, former President of the University of Ottawa, Ambassador of Canada to the United Nations

    Let's talk Pidari (which means resilience in the Persian language).