• Ready to use LinkedIn to earn more income?

    Leverage LinkedIn to build your brand, attract quality leads, and get real outcomes.

    What You Need:

    Turn LinkedIn into your superpower. This masterclass helps you to:

    • Transform your dormant page into a magnetic one
    • Learn and apply tips less than 1% of LinkedIn users know
    • Implement learning to build brand awareness, generate leads, and earn more income

      What You'll Learn and Be Able to Do:

      This masterclass will set you up for:

      • Creating the best first impression with a top-notch personal brand and company page
      • Optimizing your content strategy - being generous and adding value
      • Strategically building your network - WHO you connect with and HOW
      • Winning algorithm love - how to optimize your reach and engagement
      • Sharing your expert voice - in groups and beyond
      • Bringing it all together into a practical (i.e. achievable) plan!
    • More Testimonials

      Here are more alumni who love this course!

      'Extremely valuable, actionable information...'

      Lilian Sue, Copywriter

      ‘Lida’s LinkedIn course is comprehensive, detailed and provides extremely valuable, actionable information to anyone looking to start LinkedIn advertising for their B2B brand. I highly recommend this course as the first stop to understanding LinkedIn advertising.'

      'Use your posts to drive lead generation'

      Kasha Frese, Marketing Professional

      'From reach and conversion rates to cost per lead, Lida demonstrates why you should invest in LinkedIn and teaches you how to use your content and posts to drive lead generation. Highly recommend!'

      'I now have knowledge to effectively use LinkedIn'

      Jaime Bell, Founder & Lawyer

      'Lida's course made me realize how I was under-utilizing LinkedIn for generating leads in my business. I now have the knowledge and tools needed to thoughtfully and effectively use LinkedIn in my business.'

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    • More Testimonials

      Here's some love from previous course attendees!

      'Up-level and track your business impact'

      René Washington, Coach & Founder

      'Lida’s giving you the A-Z details on how to best leverage this powerful platform. Presented in a concise, easy-to-understand format, the course helps you up-level and track your business impact.'

      'Highly recommend Lida's course!' ​

      Iris Ye, Product Consultant

      'Lida's LinkedIn marketing course had truly gone down to my personal needs through providing her personal LinkedIn post examples and clear structure of course. Highly recommend Lida's course.'

      'This is a must-take course!'

      Ever Lopez, Senior Program Manager

      'This comprehensive AND concise course was the ideal fit. I really enjoyed that the content is so new. I also learned actionable next steps that I’ll implement. This is a must-take course!'

    • Who and Why?

      Lida Tohidi is your instructor for the masterclass.

      She's also a verified LinkedIn lover (with 850,000+ 1st/2nd degree connections)!

      As a marketer and LinkedIn coach, I've been helping mission-driven entrepreneurs, consultants, and SMB owners for years. I’ve worked with professionals at all levels of business like you to help optimize your LinkedIn profiles, build your visibility, and define a strategy to help you leverage your LinkedIn efforts. I also regularly speak about digital marketing, LinkedIn strategy, and diversity and inclusion, so I understand the importance of building your network and having a defined LinkedIn strategy. I look forward to working with you!

      Why did I create this program for you?

      I'm going to be real with you: most people are invisible on LinkedIn.

      I wish to use my skills and expertise to be of service. So, I am offering you this online masterclass at a highly subsidized rate of $199, due to the challenging impacts of COVID. As a business owner myself, I know that time is money, so I’ve condensed everything I’ve been consistently teaching and practicing for years. I am also offering 5 one-on-one strategy sessions for more support.

    • Takeaways

      This online masterclass will help you learn and execute key best practices to leverage LinkedIn.



      Learn LinkedIn best practices, including optimizing and using your profile to attract prospective clients.



      Discover how to create and curate content that connects using organic and paid tools to accelerate your results.



      Use templates, tools, example posts, and case studies to get the most of LinkedIn with laser-focused effort.

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